Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Holograms

Everyone on CNN was crapping their pants last night talking about their "holograms". Sorry, nope. Not a hologram. Wolf Blitzer was NOT actually looking at anything. It's like the scrimmage line they put on the field for football games. You see it at home on television. There's nothing actually on the grass at all.


Not a hologram:

Here's what actually happened. I'm not saying it isn't also cool, but it isn't as cool as an actual holodeck-style image in real space. And it's definitely made infinitely lamer by Wolf Blitzer pretending it's a real hologram. It's also completely stupid that they made it look flickery and indistinct to trick everybody into thinking it's like Star Wars, even though they could easily have made it look as clear as the weatherman in front of his computer-generated map. Which is basically what this is.

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