Monday, September 8, 2008

Life or Death

Tomorrow a jury in Wake County will sentence Charles Dickerson to either life in prison, or to be put to death by the state. They've already convicted him of first degree murder, which means he'll die in prison either way.

The News & Observer has a decent article on it.

I hope to God they sentence him to life without parole. He murdered a woman, and I have no problem with him being locked up forever, but he is the father of 2 sons who deserve some kind of relationship with him.

I am amazed by the graciousness of the victim's son.

"The eldest, Jason Fox, now 25, said Friday he was happy with the jury's decision, although he opposes the death penalty. 'I didn't want him to die, but I didn't want him to get out,' Fox said. 'I don't believe in trading death for death.'"

This is a guy who's been through much worse than I have, but he knows that violence and retribution will only beget more violence. May God's grace rest on him and his family as they continue to mourn their mother's death.

May God's grace rest on the jury as they make their decision. May they choose life, and reject vengeance.

May God's grace rest on Charles Dickerson, who has committed great sins that are inexcusable, but thank God, not unforgivable. May he find a way to be a true father to his boys.

And may we all learn something about how to love our enemies.

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