Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Year

Alright, so it's the middle of January. I'm busy.

Class is back in swing, which I wasn't quite ready for but I'm over it. I like my classes this semester. For one of them, Creative Writing, I have to keep a journal, which I've decided to post here, because I can. So those posts will probably be based on random weird writing prompts. Today's is no exception.

Here's Ten Things that make me stop in my tracks:

1. Horrible, horrible smells. Nothing makes you stop and pause like catching a whiff of somebody’s fart, or burning orange peels, or the stank of wet Florida.

2. Public Nudity. One time at the Marketplace I saw this girl show a guy her nipple piercings. Apparently she thought no one could see her. I wasn’t even looking at her, she was just in the background behind the person I was talking to. So, that pretty much stopped whatever I was talking about.

3. Hearing my name. I hate when someone calls out my name when they’re not talking to me. Bothersome.

4. Pain. This could be getting shocked, or pinching something, or stubbing my toe. Whatever it is, it ends what I’m doing at the moment.

5. Cross-dressers. Hey, I think that cultural norms don’t necessarily have much to do with actual character and morality, and people should be able to wear whatever they want. But a guy in a dress is still surprising.

6. A Sudden Thought. Like the lightbulb signifying inspiration in a cartoon, sometimes random thoughts strike me and need to be attended to. It might be something I was trying to think of before, or suddenly remembering something I’m supposed to be doing.

7. A Physical Obstacle. Nothing stops me like something in my way. This one’s kind of stupid.

8. Restaurants. Sometimes you have to pull over and eat something specific. Maybe it’s Sonic, or Steak ‘n’ Shake, but sometimes you have to eat. Ooh, Checkers!

9. A Lightning Bolt. This one’s hypothetical. I’ve never actually been struck by lightning, but I bet it would stop me. In my tracks.

10. Anchorman Quotes. Funniest movie I saw last year. If you haven’t seen it, see it. Now. That wasn’t a request.

There you have it.


Friar Tuck said...

This is an awesome post! I will have to link it in next weeks favorites (like I have started doing every week).

Occam's Razor said...

friar are an insufferable cheerleader.

Travis Greene said...

hey now...maybe he just has good taste. that did make me laugh, though, mostly because you used the word "insufferable"

rubyslipperlady said...

Well, I was expecting a list of wonderful and beautiful things that stop you in your tracks. I was mistaken. However, I do agree on a few counts. I have turning a corner at Target and running smack into someone else's stanky fart. ick. And O to have a Sonic in this state (MN) these people don't even know what they are missing. Although, with it freezing all the time, there is really little call to have them here. Sigh, a girl just needs a Route 44 cherry limade with extra cherry and light on the ice though. And finally, lightening? Love it! Simply love it!